25 NOOK Modular Wine Rack


The medium sized wine rack kit includes 25 NOOK bottle holders that can be assembled in any configuration. Customize the shape and size of your wine storage rack to fit on countertops, mantles, inside cabinets or refrigerators, or in any other nook you can find. The 25 kit stands tall enough to free stand on the floor and provide a central showpiece in any setting.



  • Fully modular and customizable
  • Heavy-duty design offers the durability of a metal wine rack without any welding, screws, or rivets
  • Easy assembly with only two components and a rubber mallet
  • Commercial grade materials including stainless steel and ABS
  • Build and rebuild over and over again
  • Expandable - add more NOOKs as your wine collection grows
  • Efficient - store up to 100 bottles per square metre of wall space (10.7 sq/ft)